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Vitalis Crunchy muesli Honey-Almond, 450 g

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In Vitalis KnusperPlus Muesli Honey-Almond, golden-brown roasted crunchy crunchies combine with crunchy almonds and exquisite honey to create a special crunchy experience. Your added enjoyment in Vitalis CrispyPlus Muesli: + especially delicious: with fine sliced almonds and crunchy almond pieces rounded off with exquisite honey + golden-brown crunchy crunchies with 50% wholemeal cereals- especially crunchy and delicious thanks to the special roasting process Vitalis CrispyPlus Muesli is also available in the delicious flavours Double Chocolate, Multi-Fruit, Nut Mix and Chocolate-Almond-Nut. Vitalis - indulgence that does you good!


The package should always be stored in a dry place. For a crunchy taste experience until the last spoonful, we recommend closing the bag tightly after opening.


51% wholemeal oat flakes, sunflower oil, sugar, 7.5% almonds, glucose syrup, dried wheat germs, wheat flour, rice flour, 1.4% honey, wholemeal wheat flour, dextrose, salt, flavouring, dried barley malt extract, skimmed milk powder. May contain: SOY, HAZELNUTS, CASHEWS, PECANS.
Allergen information: 
Contains: Milk and milk products (including lactose). Nuts and nut products. Cereals and cereal products containing gluten. Barley and barley products (cereals containing gluten). Oats and oat products (cereals containing gluten). Almonds and almond products. Wheat and wheat products (cereals containing gluten). May contain: Soya and soya products. Kamut and kamut products (cereals containing gluten). Spelt and spelt products (cereals containing gluten). Rye and rye products (gluten-containing cereals). Cashew nut and cashew nut products. Hazelnut and hazelnut products. Pecans and pecan products.