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Mivolis Ear Spray, 20 ml

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  • For softening and removing cerumen (earwax).
  • For adults and children from 3 years
  • Eliminates the need for cotton swabs

Mivoli's Ear Cleansing Spray softens cerumen and supports the self-cleaning process. Ear Cleaning Spray is specially adapted to the physiological pH conditions of the outer ear canal and regular use prevents the accumulation of earwax and impurities in the ear canal. The spray eliminates the need for cotton swabs.


A feeling of pressure and blockage in the ear may also indicate an inflammation that needs treatment and should be evaluated by a doctor if suspected or if symptoms persist. Anyone who is affected by larger cerumen accumulations at shorter intervals should use the ear cleaning spray early and regularly as a preventive measure.

The ear cleaning spray should not be used at the same time as medicines that are used for local application in ear diseases (ear drops). Please keep a time interval of at least one hour.