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Maggi Sauce for roasts, 3 x 250 ml

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Fancy a juicy roast with a delicious sauce? With Maggi Roast Sauce, anyone can create their own dark sauce that goes perfectly with the meat dish. How does that work? Use the roast sauce as a base and let your imagination run wild when cooking. Now you can make your own sauce ideas come true!

The ideal sauce for roasts and other meat dishes

A delicious, harmoniously seasoned dark sauce - the icing on the cake for roasts! But Maggi Roast Sauce can do a lot more! Individually refined, the sauce also tastes great with smoked pork, roulades, schnitzels and strips of meat. With Maggi, every sauce idea works!

Simply stir the contents of a single packet of Maggi Roast Sauce into 250ml of hot water or any liquid with a whisk. Bring the sauce to the boil briefly. Refine the dark sauce with tomato paste, mustard, whipped cream or red wine. Done! Pour the delicious sauce for the meat dish into a sauce jug or serve directly on the plate.

Maggi sauce for roasts
• Ideal for extending, seasoning and binding your own sauce ideas
• Particularly delicious with hearty meat dishes such as roasts, smoked pork and roulades, schnitzels and strips
• Creative, delicious ideas for more inspiration and variety can be found on the packages and in the recipe section on
• Can be refined with tomato paste, mustard, whipped cream or red wine
• Quick and easy to prepare