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German Allrounder Seasoning, 69 g

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Why always go far afield - German cuisine also has a few delicacies up its sleeve. Just think of hearty specialties such as roasts, meat loaf, various sausage specialties and breads, potato salads or cabbage and vegetable dishes. In the south fine cheese and schnitzel, in the north fish and seafood. The down-to-earth seasoning for your German dishes is provided by the German Allrounder: Hickory smoked salt and nutmeg give a smoky note, thyme, diced carrots and cinnamon provide a distinctive aroma and cinnamon adds a little spicy sweetness. Small tip for world travelers: German Allrounder quickly brings a piece of Germany everywhere.


Spice preparation consisting of fenugreek seeds, table salt, brown cane sugar, cumin, coriander seeds, thyme, carrots, nutmeg, Ceylon cinnamon, smoke.