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Frio Lime Mint

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The composition of fresh mint and fruity lime is the perfect drink for summer!


TEEKANNE frio lime-mint is perfect as a thirst quencher for your day on the sun lounger. The taste of tangy lime and aromatic mint in a refreshing fruit tea composition provides the right summer feeling.

TEEKANNE frio lime-mint can be infused with cold, still water and drunk as a delicious cold tea. Our ingredients, used to the highest quality standards, blend together to create a delicious refreshment. In addition to the mint and lime, the irresistible taste of white hibiscus, rosehip and chicory root will melt in your mouth.


Infusion 15-20°C

Brewing time 8 minutes

Our preparation advice:

Use 1 tea bag for a glass (200ml) and at least 5 tea bags for a 1 litre carafe. Infuse with cold tap water or still mineral water and let steep for at least 5-8 minutes! For a full-bodied taste, we recommend using cold tap water or still water at room temperature.


White hibiscus, apples, peppermint (11%), lime flavouring (11%), rose hips, sweet leaves, chicory root, limes.


18 double chamber sachets of 2.5 g each.