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ORGANICS Start Your Day (36g), 20 sachets

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Start your day full of energy with your good morning tea.

Bright rays of sunshine in the morning. Your spirits are not quite up yet? Then it's a good idea to greet the day with our herbal tea with mate. Almost everyone knows that coffee and black tea get you going in the morning. But you can also start the day fresh with brewed mate leaves. And to start the day with pleasure, ORGANICS Start Your Day contains mate, spearmint and lemon peel.


  • Infusion 100 °C
  • Brewing time 5-8 minutes

Our preparation advice:

Use 1 tea bag for a cup of Starlight Tea and at least 3 tea bags for a pot. Always pour in boiling water and let it steep for at least 5-8 minutes! This is the only way to get safe food! Conquer the magical winter months with TEEKANNE Starlight Tea.


Hibiscus, apples, sweet blackberry leaves, cinnamon, rose hips, plum flavouring, cinnamon flavouring, cloves, plum granules.