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ORGANICS Oriental Chai (36g), 20 sachets

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Travel to the world of 1001 Nights with our organic chai tea and the taste of cinnamon, liquorice and ginger. The colourful world of an oriental bazaar is in the palm of your hand with a cup of ORGANICS Oriental Chai.

Our ORGANICS Oriental Chai organic chai tea takes you on a taste journey to the Orient. Experience every facet of this tasty spiced tea by drinking it with milk, sugar or simply straight. Chai tea is prepared in very different ways in Asia and East Africa. So you can be creative when brewing your tea. Make every taste bud blossom and experience the versatility of your favourite organic chai tea. Whether Qatar, India or a country of your imagination - you decide where the journey takes you. Did you know that the term "chai" comes from Chinese and simply means "tea"? So "chai tea" is actually a double word. What we drink here as chai is actually masala chai. Exchange ideas with friends about the best way to prepare organic chai tea or simply try ORGANICS Oriental Chai for yourself and enjoy the tea the way it tastes best to you.


  • Infusion 100 °C
  • Brewing time 5-8 minutes

Our preparation advice:

Use 1 tea bag for a cup of Starlight Tea and at least 3 tea bags for a pot. Always pour in boiling water and let it steep for at least 5-8 minutes! This is the only way to get safe food! Conquer the magical winter months with TEEKANNE Starlight Tea.


Hibiscus, apples, sweet blackberry leaves, cinnamon, rose hips, plum flavouring, cinnamon flavouring, cloves, plum granules.