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Rice pudding, classic style, for 500 ml

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  • Mondamin rice pudding classic style in 125 g bag
  • Creamy pleasure - very quick, uncomplicated and simply delicious
  • Fast rice pudding
  • ready in 10 minutes!
  • One dish for 3 persons easily conjured up
  • Classic rice pudding as a dessert or sweet meal
  • Ready rice pudding - guaranteed not to burn

Quickly made and very simple: with Mondamin rice pudding classic style in the twinkling of an eye conjure up a delicious dish for himself and his loved ones. Mondamin rice pudding is always a delight, whether as a dessert or a sweet meal. Ready in just 10 minutes and popular with young and old! The classic can be prepared quickly with Mondamin and is guaranteed not to burn.


It's easy to prepare: just bring the milk to the boil, remove the pan from the heat, sprinkle in the rice pudding and stir in for 1 minute. After 10 minutes, the delicious rice pudding is ready and a delicious dish to eat.


The wonderfully creamy rice pudding can be enjoyed in different ways by adding cinnamon and sugar, grits or fresh fruit. Rice pudding helps against cravings - very fast, uncomplicated and simply delicious. You don't have to do without anything - except the long cooking, of course.