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'Kinderteller' Ravioli tomato-vegetable sauce, from 1y, 250 g

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  • comes in many varied varieties
  • With HiPP children's menus, you can bring plenty of variety to your favourite's diet
  • The tasty menus are completely geared to the nutritional needs of children
  • With the organic pasta for children, you can offer your little gourmet a meal that is as healthy as it is varied
  • The child-friendly, break-proof plastic bowl is particularly practical

Hipp Children's Ravioli Tomato Vegetable Sauce is a complete, wholesome meal and contains high-quality organic canola oil, which provides your baby with natural omega-3 fatty acids. The vegetables are gently steam-cooked and seasoned in a child-friendly way. The fine pieces support learning to chew. From 1 year.