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Hair & Body Shower Gel 3 in 1, Team Force, 250 ml

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  • Shower Gel for Men 3in1 250ml
  • Formulated with Moisturize+ Complex for immediate skin hydration after showering
  • Multi-benefit 3in1 formula: hydrates your body, cleanses your face, conditions your hair
  • With soothing notes of oriental fougère
  • Dermatologically tested and pH-balanced formula, suitable for everyday use
The true sport brand for men and women, offering most complete personal care line to be at your best 24/7/365 in any situation. Whether you like, love or live sports, adidas Body Care unlocks your full potential. Get ready. Aiming to provide you with well-advanced personal care solutions answering all your expectations and needs, adidas 3-in-1 shower gels were purposefully designed to simplify the everyday showering routine and make you ready to take on all challenges ahead.adidas Hydra Sport shower gel for men featuring the 3-in-1 technology provides you with complete and versatile care for the all 3 main areas of your body. It purifies and cleanses the face, providing necessary hydration and the feeling of freshness for a healthy-looking, shine-free skin. It cleanses and conditions the hair, removing the excess oil and refreshing the scalp. Plus, due to its non-drying formula, it also hydrates and cleanses the body, leaving your skin refreshed and comfortable. Additionally equipped with the unique Moisturize+ Complex, adidas Hydra Sport 3-in-1 shower gel instantly moisturizes and brings much-needed relief to dry and tight skin. With its soothing, orient-inspired fougère scented, adidas Hydra Sport not only leaves the dry skin soft and supple, but also provides the comforting, relaxing feeling after every shower.