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Becker's Bester Banana Juice, 1L

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Our Beckers best banana nectar has a fruit content of at least 25% and contains sweet banana pulp, as it is difficult to press bananas into juice. It tastes very creamy and you can use it to create the perfect KiBa or a delicious banana wheat. In one pack you will find 3 whole bananas that grow in the humid tropical climate of Guatemala.

Do you know that there are fruits that cannot be pressed into juice because of their cell structure? That is why puree is made from these fruits, after which nectar is made from them. We dilute the banana puree with water to make it drinkable. Unfortunately, the product loses its fullness. To give the nectar its character, we add sugar - as it is known to be a flavor carrier. Et voilà - Becker's best banana nectar. By the way: We are the only company to write the added sugar directly on the packaging; transparency is important to us!


at least 25% direct juice

Water, banana pulp, sugar, lemon juice concentrate, vitamin C


  • climate neutral
  • vegan
  • gluten free
  • lactose free
  • without preservatives *
  • without dyes *