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Baumkuchen confectionary

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Finest Baumkuchen with 1.5% marzipan and 30% milk chocolate.


EGGS, sugar, BUTTER CREAM, WHEAT STARCH, cocoa butter, WHEAT FLOUR, WHOLE MILK POWDER, humectant: glycerol; WHEY CREAM, cocoa mass, almonds, emulsifiers: mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, lecithins; natural flavouring, acidity regulator: sodium acetate; salt. This product may contain traces of HAZEL NUTS.

Allergen information:

Contains: Eggs and egg products. Milk and milk products (including lactose). Milk sugar (lactose). Wheat and wheat products (cereals containing gluten). Almonds and almond products. May contain: Nuts and nut products.