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Smoothie Bowl, Kibalu

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A blend of fruits, cereals and superfoods with cherry and banana.

Nostalgia for the spoon - do you also like to remember the wonderful taste of the 90s? When tart cherry kissed sweet and creamy banana? Even if not, KiBa is a vibe, and it's the 90s vibe. Whether it's the taste of the 90s or just the deliciously fruity argument that has convinced you: on your spoons, get set, go!

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • No added sugar (naturally contains sugar)
  • Vegan


What makes Kibalu special?

When our two brawlers get together, only good things usually follow. With their high levels of folic acid, they can protect you from negative outside influences by contributing to the normal functioning of your immune system.

For expectant mothers, too, the two put their differences aside and join forces to do good. Because folic acid not only helps your immune system, but also contributes to the growth of maternal tissue during pregnancy.

For everyone else, Tom & Cherry have saved the #KIBAKICK. Because both the magnesium and folic acid contained in it help to reduce tiredness and fatigue. So you'll be ready for all challenges early in the morning.