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Toothbrush children, soft, 3-6 years, 2 pcs
Toothbrush children, soft, 3-6 years, 2 pcs


Toothbrush children, soft, 3-6 years, 2 pcs



  • Toothbrush for children aged 3 to 6 years
  • Flexible neck due to rubber elements
  • Mucous membrane protection: Extra soft rubber material in the head
  • Anti-slip ornaments in the thumb stop
  • Precision bristles for cleaning the back molars
Proper dental hygiene at a young age lays the foundation for healthy adult teeth, which is why choosing the right toothbrush is especially important even for the youngest children. The Dontodent Kids toothbrush is perfectly adapted to the dentition and sensitive milk teeth of children and enables reliable and thorough cleaning. The anti-slip ornaments on the handle ensure safe handling during tooth brushing while providing a high level of comfort. The extra soft head of the brush reaches even hard-to-reach places thanks to the flexible neck. Even the otherwise often neglected back molars get the care they need thanks to the specially adapted precision bristles - so that your child can continue to bite hard in the future.

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