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Wound spray, 50 ml

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  • For cleansing and healing acute wounds, e.g. abrasions and cuts.
  • Reduces bleeding, promotes wound healing
  • Prevents infections and scarring
  • Alcohol-free, does not sting the skin
  • For the first-aid kit at home, in the car and when travelling
Mivoli's Wound Spray is a quick aid for wound care and belongs in every first-aid kit for home, car and travel. It gently cleanses and reduces bleeding. It provides the wound with optimal moisture. It also prevents infections and promotes wound healing. The wound spray is free of alcohol, does not burn the skin and is therefore also suitable for wound care of sensitive skin and for use on children.

Spray Mivolis Wound Spray onto the wound immediately after the injury from a distance of approx. 10cm. Repeat several times daily. If possible, apply a plaster or bandage and keep it moist with Mivolis Wound Spray.
For external use


Composition: Aqua purificata, Trace Elements (Zinc, Iron).