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Toffifee, 125 g

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Hazelnut (10 %) in caramel (41 %) with nougat cream (37 %) and chocolate (12 %).


There's so much goodness in Toffifee: a crunchy hazelnut in caramel with nougat cream and a dab of rich chocolate - a combination that's just right for every taste.


Sugar, vegetable fats (palm, shea), HASEL NUTS, glucose syrup, MILK POWDER, humectant sorbitol syrup, cocoa mass, condensed MILK, condensed SWEET MILK, MILK SUGAR, lean cocoa, cocoa butter, BUTTER CREAM, cane sugar syrup, MILK CREAM, emulsifier lecithin (SOYA), salt, flavourings. MAY ALSO CONTAIN PARTS OF ALMOND, PEANUT AND OTHER NUTS.

Allergen information:

Contains: Milk and milk products (including lactose). Nuts and nut products. Soya and soya products. Hazelnut and hazelnut products. May contain: Peanuts and peanut products. Almonds and almond products. Cashew nut and cashew nut products. Pecans and pecan products. Queensland nut and Queensland nut products. Brazil nut and Brazil nut products. Pistachio and pistachio products. Walnut and walnut products.