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Tessiner Senfsauce, Rote Feige, 60 ml

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Fruity, spicy red fig mustard sauce made according to an original Ticino recipe.
The mustard sauces from Wolfram Berge are called “The Original” because they were produced for the first time in Ticino, in close collaboration with Vanini. Only first-class fruits and ingredients are used for these premium mustard sauces.
The original Ticino mustard sauces are gluten-free, lactose-free, fat-free and without flavor enhancers.
Exclusive specialty – our fruity, sweet and spicy original Ticino red fig mustard sauce. With its spicy and sweet taste, the mustard sauce goes perfectly with all types of cheese, whether mild or spicy, young or mature. Mixed with whipped cream, it is ideal with smoked trout, eel or butterfish. The sauce also goes wonderfully with classic braised meat or game dishes.

Our unmistakable mustard sauces from Ticino are called “The Original” because they were made for the first time in the sunny south of Switzerland, in close collaboration with the Vanini house, based on an idea by the pioneer Wolfram Berge and are still being made to this day. The unique and unmistakable quality is guaranteed by the use of selected raw materials and the special and secret method of preparation. That's why our "Ticino mustard sauces" always remain "The Original". Since 1967 and still today, the “Ticino mustard sauce” has been produced in top quality in the Swiss canton of Ticino and is very popular.


55% pureed candied figs (50% figs, sugar, glucose syrup, water), sugar, water, glucose syrup, 6% fig preparation (66% figs, sugar), coloring food
Elderberry juice concentrate, natural fig flavor, allyl mustard oil. Contains SULPHITES.
Allergen information: Contains: sulfur dioxide and sulfites.