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Dough for potato dumplings half & half 750ml

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  • dough for 12 potato dumplings of the classic half & half in a practical package
  • Delicious potato dumplings made from blanched and boiled potatoes
  • Quick and easy preparation
  • Made from 100% German, sustainably grown, potatoes
  • Ideal with meat and vegetable dishes of all kinds.

Ja! doughs support as small helpers in the cooking of otherwise elaborate potato dishes. So traditional home cooking can be prepared in no time and without effort. Conjuring up delicious and healthy potato dumplings for the whole family is child's play - tasty for young and old alike!

STIR THE PACKAGE Stir the contents of the package with a whisk in 750 ml of cold water and let the dough swell for 10 minutes.

Shape into 12 dumplings with moistened hands.

Boil the dumplings in plenty of boiling, salted water and let them boil briefly. Then let them steep for 20 minutes on low heat (but don't boil them anymore!).


63% potatoes¹, starch, table salt, flavorings, baking soda, onion powder, palm oil, stabilizer ascorbic acid, turmeric. May contain gluten-containing cereals, milk, egg and celery.

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