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Muesli for Kids #556, 400 g

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The delicious highlight at the children's breakfast table. This muesli was developed together with children. Delicious milk chocolate, lots of strawberry pieces and lots of whole grains taste good and make for a good start to the day.

high fibre content
low in sodium
protein source


Wholemeal oat flakes, cornflakes (maize, barley malt, sea salt), milk chocolate flakes (cane sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, low-fat cocoa powder, emulsifier lecithin), spelt balls, cocoa spelt balls* (wholemeal spelt*, cocoa powder) freeze-dried strawberry pieces.


A healthy breakfast is especially important for children. Why this is so and what should not be missing from a good children's breakfast, you can read here.

On your marks. Ready. Breakfast!
Breakfast is considered by many people to be the most important meal of the day. And rightly so, because it provides energy and nutrients that children in particular need for an active day. Even if there is little time in the morning or your little ones do not yet have an appetite, they should not start the day without breakfast.

The best basis: whole grains!
Whole-grain products are simply part of a balanced children's breakfast because they are very filling and ensure constant blood sugar levels. This is important for concentration and performance.

Good things for children's breakfasts
No matter whether your child prefers muesli or freshly baked bread for breakfast, in our online shop you will find plenty of ingredients for breakfasts that not only children will enjoy. Simply order online and have them delivered directly to your home.