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Kaiserschmarrn, 135 g

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Mondamin Kaiserschmarrn Austrian style - preparation for 200 ml milk

With Mondamin Kaiserschmarrn Austrian style you can conjure up a delicious, golden-brown dessert on the table in no time at all
After only 10 minutes, you can serve the finished Kaiserschmarrn and refine as desired - Whether as a main meal or sweet temptation for in between: Real indulgence feels fluffy and airy
For 2 servings, mix the package contents with 200 ml cold milk, stir to a smooth batter and then bake in a large pan until golden brown
Mondamin Kaiserschmarrn gives a moment of peace and relaxation - alone or with the whole family
Also delicious variants such as Kaiserschmarrn with caramelized apples or Kirschschmarrn with vanilla sauce

With Mondamin Kaiserschmarrn Austrian style conjure up sweet happiness on the table in no time. The dessert is easy to make: Just add milk, put it in the buttered pan, turn it and after a quarter of an hour the fragrant Kaiserschmarrn is ready. Enough for 2 servings. Whether as a meal, dessert or heavenly temptation in between: the wonderfully fluffy consistency and the fine taste of Kaiserschmarrn spoil the palate.