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Hygiene Cleaner, Lavender 500 ml

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  • hygienically clean
  • for kitchen and bath
  • eliminates unpleasant odor

Removes limescale deposits, water stains and soap residues in the shower and bath with particular power. The recipe with lavender extracts ensures hygienic and shiny cleanliness. Leaves a fresh lavender scent.


Spray on, leave to take effect briefly and wipe clean with a wet cloth, if necessary polish with a dry cloth. Not suitable for acid-sensitive surfaces like e.g. marble, sensitive surfaces like some synthetics, fittings or enamel. On sensitive surfaces try first on an unobtrusive place. Tip: Accurate dosing helps to save energy, reduces water usage and water pollution.


< 5 % anionic surfactants, perfumes. Further ingredients: lavender oil, cosmetical colorants