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High Protein, Rice pudding, 104 g

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High pleasure meets protein!

Anyone who values a protein-rich and conscious diet and does not want to do without good taste will get their money's worth with the Dr. Oetker High Protein products! Dr. Oetker High Protein in powder form mixed with hot milk or as a small meal - there's something here for every taste!


Uncompromisingly delicious! The Dr. Oetker High Protein meal - rice pudding is a real treat for nutrition-conscious lovers of this sweet classic. With 30g of protein in the prepared pack, no added sugar* and low fat, it is the perfect addition to an active lifestyle. The Dr. Oetker High Protein meal can be refined as desired: Whether with cinnamon, Dr. Oetker fruit jelly or fresh fruit: The Dr. Oetker High Protein Meal always succeeds and tastes good! Dr. Oetker High Protein Meal - rice pudding is very easy to prepare: the dish familiar from childhood days is ready in just 10 minutes. No burning and no boiling over of the milk! *Contains sugar naturally


57% instant rice, resistant maltodextrin, 14% MILK PROTEIN, modified starch, starch, thickener (xanthan gum), sweeteners (acesulfame K, cyclamate, saccharin), flavouring. May contain: LACTOSE.

Allergen information: Contains: Milk and milk products (including lactose).