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Frio Classic Icetea Lemon

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Enjoy the evergreen among iced teas: with TEEKANNE frio Classic lemon iced tea. Poured quickly with cold water, the lemon iced tea soon fills you with cool freshness. Your summer indulgence is called frio Classic Iced Tea Lemon.


The frio Classic lemon iced tea from TEEKANNE tastes like summer. Whether on your own terrace, on a bike ride with friends or in the afternoon at the office: lemon iced tea refreshes you everywhere. Our classic frio iced tea with the full flavour of tangy lemons is the perfect refreshment for everyone who wants to enjoy it consciously. Prepared with cold water, the lemon iced tea provides a fruity-light summer feeling.


Infusion 15-20°C

Brewing time 8 minutes

Our preparation advice:

Use 1 tea bag for a glass (200ml) and at least 5 tea bags for a 1 litre carafe. Infuse with cold tap water or still mineral water and let steep for at least 5-8 minutes! For a full-bodied taste, we recommend using cold tap water or still water at room temperature.


Black tea, lemon flavouring, sweet leaves, acidifier: citric acid, chicory root, lemon peel.


18 double-chamber bags of 2.5 g each.