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Frio Classic Icetea Peach

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Get the taste of TEEKANNE frio Classic Iced Tea Peach in your glass. Refreshing coolness meets the classic taste of peach. Pour and enjoy cold!


TEEKANNE frio Classic Iced Tea Peach is your refreshment for the garden, the lounger by the pool or even in the office. The taste of sun-ripened peaches peps up your iced tea and is the thirst quencher for warm days.

Pour your tea with still, cold water and drink it as a cool refreshment between meals. An ice cube or two helps to keep the iced tea cool for longer and tinkles happily around in the glass. This is full iced tea enjoyment -without sugar and without calories.


Infusion 15-20°C

Brewing time 8 minutes

Our preparation advice:

Use 1 tea bag for a glass (200ml) and at least 5 tea bags for a 1 litre carafe. Infuse with cold tap water or still mineral water and let steep for at least 5-8 minutes! For a full-bodied taste, we recommend using cold tap water or still water at room temperature.


Black tea, peach flavouring, sweet leaves, acidulant: citric acid, chicory root, peach juice granules.


18 double-chamber bags of 2.5 g each.