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Spelt Blend - Muesli #656, 500 g

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Spelt is rich in magnesium, iron, zinc and manganese. This healthy spelt is used in the spelt mix in three different forms. Whole spelt grains are used to make extrudates sweetened with cinnamon and apple syrup, whole spelt grains are ground, cooked into dough and then made into flakes, and whole spelt grains are rolled into flakes.

Due to this varied form of spelt, the spelt mix contains a total spelt content of 63%. The mix is rounded off with delicious fruits, whole nuts and healthy seeds.

  • high fibre content
  • source of protein
  • low in sodium

Allergy tolerance

Produkt mit

Produkt ohne

  • Lactosefrei
  • Vegetarisch
  • Dinkel
  • Protein
  • Ballaststoffe
  • Früchte
  • ohne Rosinen
  • ohne Schokolade
  • ohne Ei


Wholemeal spelt flakes*, dates, wholemeal spelt* corners (spelt*, psyllium husks, apple syrup, cinnamon, stevia), wholemeal spelt* flakes (spelt*, barley malt, sea salt), spelt* wholemeal rings (spelt, psyllium husks, apple juice, cinnamon, stevia), pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, dried apple pieces, almond kernels, freeze-dried strawberry pieces.

* Spelt = original wheat, 63% spelt content.


Spelt is a primal form of wheat. While wheat needs a mild climate to grow, spelt can ripen in a much harsher climate.

Spelt grains are firmly grown together with the husk and are therefore more protected. This leads to more space being needed for storage, as the spelt is stored in the husk. The husk is removed during further processing. The whole grain is then processed into flour or other products such as spelt muesli.