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Hitschies Fruity Chewy Sour Mix, 140g

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Are you ready for the Sour Challenge?
Wonderfully sour on the outside and with a sweet core on the inside - that's how we know and love the sour mini Hitschies. Whether with the taste of apple, strawberry, peach or lemon, there is something in this mixture for every super sour chewing pleasure, and you won't find more sour than here anywhere.


Sugar, glucose syrup, dextrose, palm fat, 5% fruit juice from fruit juice concentrate (apple, peach, lemon, strawberry, raspberry), gelatin*, acidulants: malic acid, lactic acid, citric acid; modified starch, stabilizer: gum arabic; Flavors, emulsifier: lecithins; Dyes: Curcumin, Carmine, Brilliant Blue FCF. *Beef gelatin